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Genshin Impact Voice Actor Rie Takahashi Asks Fans To Bathe Before Attending Concert




Fans and followers of Rie Takahashi were recently met with a rather strange request from the singer, take a shower. Takahashi posted a hand drawn guide on Twitter last month aimed at helping them better enjoy her first concert by properly bathing beforehand, among other things. Takahashi is mostly known for working as a voice actor on Genshin Impact, at least outside of Japan. The musician has appeared in a variety of different movies and shows.

While the guide included some fairly sensible advice like stashing valuables in a secure bag, the handbook also included a small section which asked fans to thoroughly clean themselves before attending her then upcoming performance. This took the form of an infographic showing a person cutting their nails and washing with soap and water, explaining how this would prevent other people from being bothered by excessive body odor.

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While some followers may have taken offense at such an unusual request, most fans of the musician were apparently impressed by the guide, finding the instructions about bathing to be rather amusing. “I know that it’s now the day before, but I wanted to include what I’ve been researching for the show! Please use this as a reference,” Takahashi told her more than 950,000 followers on Twitter. “First of all, around the body,” the singer added.

Some users on the social media platform have been cracking a few jokes of their own, one for example explaining how they were unable to bathe on account of an injury, saying they would bring along perfume instead. "Personally, I recommend wet wipes and dry shampoo,” Takahashi replied. “Some people may not like perfume!"

Takahashi posted the guide on Twitter a couple of days before the concert, something which ultimately took place on February 26, 2023. While the event appears to have gone off without a hitch, whether any of her fans actually followed the advice about bathing remains unclear.

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