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Gamers Discuss Their Favourite Minigames




Video Games are great, we can all agree on that, but what about those Games you get within Games, the smaller ones? MiniGames they're called. Many great titles have them. Fun little experiences you can use to distract yourself from a main quest or to get some cool in-Game reward, or maybe they're just so fun an entire compilation of them is released. But what are the best ones?

Gamers over on ResetEra have been discussing their favourite minigames and side activities. First up, we have Yakuza, obviously. This series is well-known for its absurd side missions and minigames. You can take Kiryu and Majima out to karaoke, dancing, bowling, playing mahjong, roulette, pool, and more.

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Next up we have the theatre minigame in Suikoden 3. Kurahador wrote, "Seeing different characters playing Romeo & Juliet play is hilarious. Wish other games copied this." Seeing your RPG party take a break to put on a little show when they're on their way to save the world or kill God certainly is a nice change of pace. I wonder if they still get stage fright after facing off against cosmic deities?

Yakuza Kiryu Singing Karoke

Lots of people mentioned the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 2. I didn't know what I was doing, but collecting the little animal parts from around the levels and using them to make my Chao fly or turn into little lions, angels, and devils was phenomenally fun. Actually, the Cabaret Club and Chao garden both absolutely dominate the list, with people even saying Sega should have spun them both into their own Games.

One absolute wrongun cited the speech check minigame from Oblivion as one of the all-time greats. They call it, "A great addictive 'fast paced' puzzle, and I normally hate timed things in games."

A screenshot of Sonic Adventure 2, showing Sonic looking at a group of neutral Chao in the Chao Garden
via Sega

Final Fantasy 15's fishing was also praised in the thread. I mean, who doesn't wish they could go on a road trip with their buddies, eating at diners and hitting up all the local fishing spots on the way? Just guys being dudes. Final Fantasy got a few more entries, with snowboarding in 7 and triple triad in 8 also given shout outs.

You may have been expecting Gwent to be the favourite, and while The Witcher card Game is mentioned a few times, it's often as an aside before someone mentions their actual favourite miniGame. Still, it got enough attention that it's worth noting here.

geralt ready to play a game of gwent in the passiflora the witcher 3

One person asked if the planet scanning in Mass Effect 2 counted, and you know what? I say yes. SItting back and letting the scanner rip was boring and frustrating to some, but soothing and meditative for others. Sometimes it's nice to go about the galaxy just scanning, not a thought in your empty little head.

All of these experiences add a richness to their games that ensure people can play long after the main story has come to an end.

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