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Gamers Are Pitting The Last Of Us' Ellie Against The Walking Dead's Clementine




The first season of HBO's The Last Of Us comes to an end tonight, and those of you who have played the Game know what Ellie and Joel will face in the upcoming finale. If you're looking to pass the time between now and when it airs, you may want to join what has become a pretty lively debate. One in which Gamers are discussing who would be better to partner up with in a zombie apocalypse, Clementine or Ellie.

For those unfamiliar with TellTale's Walking Dead Games, Clementine is one of its main characters and assumes a similar role to Ellie, hence this comparison. A young girl growing up in a world crawling with zombies and various other human enemies, some of which pose more of a threat than the undead monsters roaming the Earth. TheGamingNewsGuy wants to know which one you'd prefer to have onside.

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If you don't move past the poll at the top of the page on ResetEra, you'll see Ellie has a resounding lead. The Last Of Us' character has more than 75 percent of the votes at the time of typing this. Scroll down a little and some who have cast their votes have added a little context to explain their decision. The general consensus appears to be that Ellie is simply the more ruthless and experienced of the two characters.

ellie holding a gun in the last of us
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Interestingly, while most agree Ellie is more adept at defending herself, those fighting Clementine's corner argue that Joel's surrogate daughter can't be trusted. That Ellie will likely turn on you during your journey. Yes, while it might take a while to earn Ellie's trust, and for good reason, some have rightly argued that once she does trust you, not only will you have someone incredibly helpful on your side, but she will also be fiercely loyal.

It does seem like a few people to shoot down Clementine as the best option haven't played past the part of The Walking Dead story during which she's still a child. Clementine has naturally become a far more reliable zombie killer as she has grown throughout subsequent chapters. Now, the argument that The Last Of Us's clickers are faster and harder to take down than The Walking Dead's walkers, that's hard to argue with.

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