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Gamers Are Already Angry About Blue Protocol's Censorship




Blue Protocol has plans to host network tests this month, which means a select few testers will receive alpha clients to see if everything works in the real world. This also means we're getting our first taste of Blue Protocol in the form of client datamines, and some fans aren't liking what they're seeing. The big issue is how there seem to be two different versions.

Over on the Blue Protocol subreddit, user anone79 posted an image showcasing the differences between female NPC models in the US version and the Japanese version of the Game. On the left, you can see that the Japanese model has a short skirt and top combo. On the right, the US models are wearing shorts and full tops.

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You could argue that datamined content doesn't necessarily reflect the final product (especially given Blue Protocol still doesn't have a release date), but eagle-eyed Redditors have also spotted these different NPC models used in the Japanese and US trailers for Blue Protocol.

"This confirms exactly what was suspected: the different models are the original and a censored version for the global version of the Game," user Mirimi wrote. "And it confirms that this isn't just some unused datamine, it's what Amazon is going to give us."

"Honestly a little depressing to me. I hate censorship and I know if something this tiny was censored they are going to do more," one user wrote. "The best thing Amazon could do is just have an option in the settings to swap between outfits, but I know they won't do that."

Blue Protocol arrives on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S sometime later this year, and while we don't know much about it yet, Amazon and Bandai Namco did reveal in January that the upcoming free-to-play MMO is already planning for busy servers. It'll allow up to 200 players to occupy a town at once, and when they fill, a new instance will be created. It's not out yet, but clearly, Amazon expects big things.

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