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From Bigfoot To Big Smoke's Ghost, GTA Fans Share Their Favourite Myths




Grand Theft Auto is one of gaming's best loved series, especially since the third entry heralded the move into 3D. Pioneering open worlds, with large maps that featured many NPCs following their own scripts, these Games were big enough to contain easter eggs, secrets, and mysteries.

While GTA 3 contained its fair share of secrets, such as The Hidden Sign ("You weren't supposed to be able get here you know"), and Vice City featured an actual egg found in a hidden room that required some parkour to reach, it was San Andreas that seemed veritably stuffed with secrets and mysteries since it was by far the biggest of the Games to date. Recently, fans have been reminiscing about some of their favourite myths from "back in the day" over on the GTA subreddit.

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One of the most widely cited myths on the thread was Big Smoke's Ghost. "Big Smoke's ghost in the crack palace," wrote a Redditor, whose comment drew the most upvotes on the thread. "I swear when I was a kid, I turned CJ around and saw something running. Whether my mind was playing tricks on me or not, I left that palace fast after that". This comment reminded fans of just how much "spooky shit" San Andreas seemed to contain.

Big Smoke's ghost refers to the myth developed from many rumours that strange goings-on could be witnessed at Big Smoke's Crack Palace after the mission 'End of the Line". Players shared stories of hearing voices, seeing shadowy figures, and lights turning off and on.

Then there were the reports of strange lights and the general creepiness that pervaded San Andreas' more rural parts. This also manifested in reports of ghost cars and Bigfoot appearing in locations such as Back o Beyond. There are theories surrounding these, with fans saying that these ghost cars were simply placed in the countryside by Rockstar to help players get out, while some may have been dropped on hills which made them roll down.

One commentor lamented the hours wasted on such myths. "Man", they wrote. "If only y'all knew how many hours was spent looking for Bigfoot on PS2 back in my elementary days. Now that I'm older, I seen that it's a bunch of airhead modders on PC".

While it's been a while since such myths floated around forums and in bedrooms, here's hoping that the next installment will feature some unexplained events, because everyone likes a good myth or mystery just waiting to be shared.

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