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Fortnite Vaults New Heist Weapons, Dual Pistols, And Heavy Sniper




Fortnite's latest update has landed and as usual, a lot of new stuff has been added, but also, a lot of other stuff will be leaving the Game. On this particular update's leaving list are quite a few weapons. The Heavy Sniper, Dual Pistols, and all of the relatively new heist weapons have been vaulted from the Game.

News on what will be leaving Fortnite today comes courtesy of leaker and dataminer, Hypex. You can check out Hypex's full list of vaulted weapons below which includes the ones mentioned above and a few more. The most disappointing inclusions on the list might well be the exotic heist weapons. Only in the Game for a couple of weeks, they were always going to be vaulted after a limited time.

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That doesn't mean they're gone for good, of course. In fact, nothing is truly gone forever in Fortnite. Sometimes it's weeks, occasionally months, and every now and again years between a weapon or item being vaulted and then unvaulted. There's never usually much rhyme nor reason for Epic's decisions, and there's no point looking for a pattern if you're longing for something to return.

Take the Heavy Sniper, for example. Added to Fortnite for the first time all the way back in chapter one, this is the fifth time it has been vaulted from the Game. Like the exotic heist weapons, the sniper was only back on the island for two weeks. That was following a five-month period during which it remained vaulted from the Game.

New Fortnite content has actually dried up a little in recent weeks, but there's a good reason for that. It's the quiet before the storm as Epic prepares for the end of chapter four's first season which is currently scheduled to go down on March 9. No details yet on what exactly Fortnite's creators have planned for the big day, but Marvel fans were given some new content last week in the form of a new Sam Wilson Captain America skin.

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