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Fortnite Unvaults The Flint-Knock And Egg Launcher Ahead Of Easter




When it comes to the holidays, Fortnite usually goes all out for Halloween and Christmas and adds smaller offerings for other significant dates on the calendar. Take Easter, for instance. There isn't going to be something on the same level as Fortnitemares to play while you wait for the Easter Bunny to pay you a visit next week, but you will be able to fire eggs at your opponents and also eat them for some fun effects.

For anyone who will be celebrating their first Easter in The Loop, the eggs flying out of the Egg Launcher and the consumables you can grab and eat are very different. If an opponent fires an egg at you using the now-unvalued Egg Launcher, don't try to catch it in your mouth. The Egg Launcher is effectively a reskinned Grenade Launcher so yes, they will explode if they hit you. In fact, they'll explode wherever they land, so run.

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As for the consumable eggs which have also been unvaulted via today's update, they can be eaten and come with two benefits. A small boost to your shield and a brief period during which gravity will be reduced for you. That will let you hop around the island, kind of like a bunny because, you know, Easter.

Not everything unvaulted today is Easter-themed. The Flint-Knock Pistol is back after leaving the island almost a year ago. A heavy-hitting close-range weapon that, judging by the replies to Hypex's tweet above, wasn't exactly the most popular weapon in Fortnite before it was vaulted. The Charge Shotgun also returns to the Game after being vaulted in December 2021.

Some of you may have been so busy exploring Fortnite's Creative update and its many creations that you may not have even realized the Game was getting an update today. Epic rolled out its UEFN tools to anyone who wants to use them last week, resulting in people using them to make everything from the original Fortnite map to Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach. Epic has already warned players against using IP from other Games, and even Fortnite's past, in their creations, though.

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