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Fortnite Streamer Is Using The Game To Teach Her Pupils Life Lessons




Fortnite might be a Game rooted in 100 people landing on an island and doing battle until only one remains, but there's no getting around the fact it's played by a lot of children. While many parents and teachers are likely trying to deter those in their care from playing Fortnite, one teacher has been using it to educate her fifth graders about the importance of fair play.

Reported by PCGamesN, Lori Weber, Ms. Weber to her pupils and Slytrue48 to those familiar with her work on Twitch, has been teaching for five years. Clocking that pretty much all her pupils wanted to talk about was Fortnite, particularly because the Game was quickly becoming a global phenomenon at around the time she started teaching, Weber gave it a try.


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“Since I already played WoW and Assassin’s Creed, I said I would give it a try, so I started watching Ninja,” the teacher explained. It took a couple of seasons to get the hang of it, and once she did, she was able to talk to her students about it and even incorporate it into her teaching. Weber uses custom matches to teach her students about fair play. They're not allowed to swear and must work together while playing.

Three characters stand on a cliff overlooking the Fortnite map

Weber highlights many of today's most popular streamers tend to use bad language and aren't exactly graceful in defeat. “It’s about teaching them how to be a good sport; how to lose gracefully. Those kinds of things that we learn in soccer or swimming, well, these kids don’t want to play soccer or outdoor Sports. They want to play video Games.”

Weber now has the reputation of being the Fortnite Teacher in her school and is quickly accruing a significant following on Twitch with more than 400,000 fans. The streaming teacher is also officially partnered with Epic. Epic continues to try and make Fortnite a safer place for child players. It recently introduced cabined accounts for players under a certain age which need a parent or guardian to activate certain features, like voice chat and adding funds.

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