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Fortnite's Supply Drops Have Been Vaulted For Season 2




Fortnite season two launched last week and we've all had the weekend to get to grips with it. Whether that's exploring Mega City or getting a feel for the new Havoc Pump shotgun. You might have noticed a lack of supply drops so far this season. That's because the crates have been vaulted.

Chests are naturally the easiest way to find weapons, followed by Llamas if you can catch one. Supply drops are far rarer and are usually packed with a lot of great loot. Since you rarely see them outside of Team Rumble, it's entirely likely you didn't notice they're gone. However, according to FortniteBR, they're currently not in the Game, at least not in Fortnite's main modes.

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Pointed out in the replies to the tweet below, supply drops have still been falling from the sky in Team Rumble. The crates are far more common in what is a much more frantic mode where players respawn over and over until a team of 20 hits the elimination target. The storm gets smaller faster and the action quickly congregates in one, usually very small, area of the island, hence the need to concentrate where items and weapons can be found in one place via supply drops.

Epic hasn't clarified why supply drops have been vaulted, but one theory in the replies connects the vaulting to what has been found inside the crates during Team Rumble. Apparently a weapon that was vaulted to kick off season two has continued to show up inside supply drops. If that theory is correct, then hopefully it's an issue that can be quickly resolved so the crates return to the Game soon.

Supply drops aren't the only thing to have been vaulted from season two. The Shockwave Hammer has also disappeared, presumably due to all of the issues it suffered throughout season one. The unvaultings have been plentiful too, though. The Heavy Sniper is back, as is the Cobra DMR, and if those hard-hitting weapons aren't enough for you, the aforementioned Havoc Pump shotgun packs 250 damage in a single shot under the right circumstances.

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