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Fortnite's Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun Can Kill In One Hit




Fortnite season two has begun and many of you may well have taken a break from the action to read this, as well as all of the other info about the new season we've discovered. Even if you have been playing already, you might not know one of Fortnite's new weapons, the Havoc Pump shotgun, is capable of eliminating an enemy with one shot.

Discovered and shared by Hypex, the new addition to Fortnite's shotgun family is capable of doling out 250 damage in a single shot. Since someone with all their Health and a fully replenished shield maxes out at 200 HP, a well-placed round from the new weapon can take even an untouched player out of the match in the blink of an eye.

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It's only a certain level of the Havoc Pump shotgun that is capable of being so deadly, of course. You'll need to find the Mythic version of the weapon, or have enough gold to upgrade a lower-leveled one to that status, to benefit from these one-hit kills. Even if you can't find a Mythic version of the shotgun, the gold version, which is a step-down, is capable of wiping out 190 HP in a single shot.

Epic is clearly keen to get people taking each other out using as few bullets as possible in season two. Not only has it added a shotgun that can eliminate a rival in one shot, but it has also unvaulted the Heavy Sniper. The Legendary variant of the sniper can do 330 damage in a single shot if you hit an enemy in the head. Whether up close or camping in season two, you're going to be able to inflict some serious damage.

Epic revealed ahead of Fortnite's season two downtime the Attack on Titan crossover that had been rumored for a while really is happening. There also appears to be a new type of quest introduced for season two that will allow players who haven't bought the battle pass to unlock cosmetic items. If you're yet to jump into season two, you can check out what the map looks like now here.

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