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Fortnite Players Aren't Fans Of Chapter 4 Season 2's New Rogue Bike




Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, Mega, will be based on neo-Tokyo – a futuristic version of the city. Neo-Tokyo is actually an anime trope, mostly used when a show or movie is based in the future. Think Cyberpunk, but bright and happy, instead of dark and dreary. Of course, with a futuristic setting comes futuristic vehicles; and what's more neo-Toko than a motorbike? You've driven them around in Cyberpunk 2077, and now you can experience Fortnite's version. Unfortunately. Where Cyberpunk 2077's bikes were buggy, Fortnite's are just plain bad.

It seems that while the rest of the season is going pretty great, the new motorbike, which is one of the highlights of the season, is pretty bad. Players have been complaining that while it's fast and looks cool, the motorbike consumes a lot of fuel, is terrible to handle, not good on the turns, and also has terrible traction. Players have evidently become so annoyed with it that they've taken their frustration to the Fortnite Subreddit.


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"Bad at off-roading, terrible turning, not great brakes, chugs fuel. For what? It can zoom on the bridge south of mega city?" said one28. "They did the bike so dirty. Maybe if the map had highway bridges everywhere it could have been relevant." It seems the boost feature makes the bike too fast to control, and is only really effective on a straight road.

"It literally CANNOT turn for sh*t," said UnironicallyMe37, clearly frustrated. "It's so hard to maneuver and no jumping is really annoying. If I state my brutal opinion without sugar coating it, it's a really difficult and annoying vehicle to use with very uncomfortable controls."

It seems that this new bike is focused more on high speed, drifting, and powersliding, as opposed to the dirt bike, which let you do tricks, jump, and had way better traction off road. However, some people do seem to prefer it, with Cherry saying, "I personally love it, but I never used the jumping, and I'm mostly here for aesthetics. I really think the best use is for mountain traversal, funnily enough, because of the boosting and traction on walls."

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