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Fortnite Leak Suggests Players Can Use The Force In Season 2




Fortnite's new season is three days away and while Epic hasn't confirmed anything official about it, dataminers have been making a few discoveries. One of those discoveries not only suggests Star Wars will return but that it will bring force powers along with it.

Lightsabers have been a popular part of previous Star Wars crossovers and leaker iFireMonkey claims the next collab will be no different. However, they've added a list of ways you may well be able to harness your inner Jedi and use the force. Not only to throw around your opponents but to also potentially leap away from trouble when necessary.

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iFireMonkey's list of ways players might be able to use the force in season two is eight items long. Unfortunately, force choke is not on there, so no making your Darth Vader skin even more realistic than it already is. What will be included in Fortnite's force abilities, if the leak is accurate, is lifting, jumping, and even summoning lighting, presumably Emperor Palpatine-style.

You'll also be able to pull, push, rip, script, and vacuum using the force, again, providing the leak is an accurate one. iFireMonkey is certainly a Fortnite leaker with a proven track record, but as the eternal wait for Family Guy stuff in the Game continues to prove, sometimes Epic either put stuff in Fortnite's code to trick us, or it decides to scrap ideas even after they have passed a point where they're ready to go.

The ability to use the force will be great, but it will take a pretty special recreation of it to top Fortnite's lightsabers. The weapons were so popular when they were first added to the Game that players silently agreed to drop all other weapons and have one-on-one duels with them. Throw the force into those battles too and we might well be about to get some pretty accurate recreations of iconic Star Wars fights in the BR Game.

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