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Fortnite Has Unvaulted The Heavy Sniper And Cobra DMR




Fortnite's new season will have begun by the time you read this, giving us all the chance to explore the Game's new map. Well, the tweaked version of season one's map. There's also the not-so-small matter of what weapons and items will be available to kick off the new season. What has been vaulted, and equally as important, what has been unvaulted.

Turns out there are some heavy hitters in the unvaulted column to get season two started, literally. The Heavy Sniper is back. Music to the ears of those who like to camp away from the threat of the storm and pick enemies off from a distance, but a bitter blow to those who prefer close-up combat who are the ones getting picked off. The Heavy Sniper has come and gone from Fortnite since chapter one, returning after it was vaulted last season.


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While it hasn't been around for nearly as long as the Heavy Sniper, the Cobra DMR also returns to Fortnite after being vaulted during season one. The weapon return getting the most love on Twitter right now, however, is the Combat Shotgun. Joining it and all of the above in season two is the Dragon Breath Sniper and all of the heisted exotic weapons.

The list of weapons that will be missing at the start of season two is a far longer one. Shared by Hypex, the list includes Rocket Launchers, Bows, and Machine Pistols, although they do note that you might want to double-check in-Game. Also on the list is the Shockwave Hammer. Vaulted earlier this week due to an unspecified issue, it seems likely the controversial weapon that came and went throughout season one won't be back.

Epic confirmed prior to season two's downtime that one of its next big crossovers will be with Attack on Titan. There will also be grind rails this season, and the addition of a new quest type appears to imply even those of you without a battle pass will have challenges to complete that unlock cosmetic items.

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