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Fortnite Has Added Lens Flare To Sniper Rifles




Fortnite players have noticed that Epic has added lens flare to sniper rifles, making it easier for a player to notice you when you're looking down a scope at them.

You're one of the last ten players left in a Fortnite match. You've got some gold weapons, enough heals to see you through a fight, and you're feeling pretty confident about your chances of getting that sweet sweet Victory Royale. Then, out of nowhere, you get shot in the head by a camping sniper somewhere far away on the map. We've all been there at least once and experienced that undying rage, but the latest update for Fortnite seems to be trying to make things a little less frustrating.

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As spotted by Redditor Jdavi_24 and posted on the Fortnite subreddit, sniper rifles have seen a pretty big change in the latest update to the Game, as they've been given a lens flare effect when they're being aimed down. This means that if another player is using a sniper and aiming at you, you should now be able to see a little glint that warns you that you're in someone's line of fire.

This has become pretty standard practice for snipers in more realistic Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but it's interesting to see it finally make its way over to Fortnite. Having that little bit of extra warning that something's about to happen should make it a little harder for snipers to decimate matches so easily, especially considering some rifles are capable of doing one-shot kills, although I imagine that I'm still going to get popped in the head with ease still.

Interestingly, despite being quite a big change to snipers, it doesn't seem that Epic has officially announced the new feature anywhere in the patch notes for the Mega update. The season roundup that Epic posted on the Fortnite website makes no mention of it at all, and there's been nothing to announce the change on Twitter, either.

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