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Fortnite First-Person Mode Will Reportedly Arrive Next Season




Battle Royale Games, while extremely popular, propagate one of the worst practices in video Game development – copying everything any other dev does. The genre itself was copied by numerous studios once PUBG became extremely popular. Soon, concepts, characters, and entire Game modes were being copied by everyone. For instance, once Escape from Tarkov became the next big thing, numerous battle royales, Warzone most notably, decided to add an Extraction mode. The latest one of these is a change in perspective.

Fortnite players have been looking forward to a first-person mode ever since Call of Duty introduced a third-person mode to Modern Warfare 2. Obviously, this meant that Epic had to get this into its Game, and it seems the wait for it will soon be over. According to Hypex, one of the Game's most prolific dataminers and unofficial marketing executive, first-person mode will arrive in season 2.

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Hypex is usually right about these things, considering they've had a great track record till now. But the dataminer went the extra mile and even tagged ShiinaBR, GMatrixGames, and iFireMonkey to further prove their point. Based on four prominent dataminers all confirming that first-person mode will arrive in season 2, it would be a safe bet to believe them.

Among the scores of collaborations and IP-grabbing, ShiinaBR and Hypex have also revealed that an Attack on Titan crossover is imminent. Eren Yeager will be the secret skin of the Chapter 4, Season 2 battle pass. No other details were revealed about this crossover, but don't be surprised if you see larger than life Titans heading towards the island from the horizon.

The battle royale also introduced The Witcher 3's Geralt of Rivia, with his own unique Game mode, all within Fortnite itself. However, when the time came to reveal Geralt's additional skins – armours from different Witcher schools – fans were pretty disappointed, as they looked pretty similar. The Viper school armour, for instance, was the exact same as the original, only with a slightly different secondary colour. This isn't surprising, given the sheer amount of content Fortnite keeps putting out. They're bound to try and cut corners somewhere.

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