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Fortnite Fans Confused As Season 1 Ends Two Days Before Season 2 Begins




Update 16:00 GMT 07/03/2023: Fortnite has now clarified that Season 2 downtime starts on March 10 at 2 AM ET.

Fortnite previously announced that Chapter 4's first season would be coming to a close on March 8 - that's tomorrow. However, it has now said that Season 2 begins on March 10, leaving two days (or around 30 hours) unaccounted for, and fans are already speculating that either the first season has been extended slightly, or that there will be lengthy downtime.

For context, when a Fortnite season ends, the next begins within a few hours on the same day. In the past, we've seen seasons end and start on March 19, June 4, and September 18, all within a small timeframe. During these few hours, there is typically downtime to prepare, but with a nearly-two-day gap, some worry that this downtime will be much longer than usual.


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There is evidence that the season has been quietly extended, however, as some report battle pass missions ending on March 10, which - if Season 1 ends on March 8 - would mean old quests ending within the next season. That's unlikely. Some attached screenshot evidence, while others claim that their battle pass missions end on March 8, further confusing matters.

Fortnite itself has not clarified whether the season has been extended or if there will be a longer downtime than usual, only tweeting, "Made with precision. Prepare for #FortniteMEGA 3.10.2023", attaching a small four-second teaser clip of a fish-man chef with two knives.

The comments are a mix of excitement and confusion, with some having assumed the next season would start tomorrow, while others are now asking if they'll be able to play later today and during tomorrow.

Some have thrown in a third theory that the new announcement tweet is a mistake and that the date is supposed to read '3.8.2023'. Whatever the case, we don't have long left to find out, and no matter what happens, the next season will be here in time for the weekend.

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