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Fortnite Fans Call On Epic To Fix Mystica's Head




Fortnite season two is well underway at this point and many of you may well have unlocked quite a bit of what its battle pass has to offer. If you have reached level 38, then you will have unlocked Mystica. A new character added to the island this season, but those of you who have already unlocked her skin aren't too happy with how she looks compared to Mystica's concept art.

Images of Mystica outside of the Game itself show her firey hair seamlessly blending with the top of her head. As Honest-Bored has pointed out via Fortnite's subreddit, the reality is a little different. Mystica's skin has a far bigger head in-Game, and the flames on top of it are barely visible. They certainly don't blend seamlessly with her larger head either.


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No, the Mystica skin is not a paid one, but it is one you unlock via the paid battle pass. Even if it was a free cosmetic unlocked through Fortnite's new challenges, the expectation versus reality situation here really isn't great. On the bright side, many of you have been having fun with it in the replies to the post below.

Concept art vs in-game - Her "hair" is supposed to fuse with her head and we need more "hair" 😥 from FortNiteBR

The expected “when you buy Mystica on Wish” joke has been made, of course, as has the Instagram versus real-life one of the same ilk. My favorite might be the Fortnite player who pointed out this might be the first time anyone has complained about too much head and someone adding that usually the problem is too much teeth. If you don't get the joke, I'm certainly not going to explain it to you.

The joke serves as more evidence that Fortnite fans are a dirty-minded bunch. Well, some of you are. Joining Mystica in season two is Thunder, a lizard guy who has been a hit with many of you so far. Maybe too big a hit as quite a few players are a little too fond of Thunder, thirsting after the lizard and posting provocative screenshots of the new character with a focus on his ample behind.

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