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Fortnite Fans Are Thirsting Over Season 2's New Lizard Guy




Fortnite's season two battle pass is the first for 11 seasons not to include a crossover skin. That's okay though as progressing through the tiers will eventually get you Thunder. A cool new lizard man introduced to the island to kick off the latest season that many of you want to do more than just play Fortnite with.

Whenever a new character arrives in any Game, Fortnite or otherwise, the first order of Business is to check out their bottom. Well, that's what many of you seem to do at least as no sooner had Thunder arrived in Fortnite were there images of the lizard being shared on social media with a focus on whether or not he has cake. Spoiler, he does, otherwise people wouldn't have been sharing the aforementioned pictures.

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Not only is Thunder's ample bum packed tightly into a pair of very well-fitting leather trousers – damn it, now you've got me doing it – but his desirable qualities extend well beyond just the physical. Thunder is also a tremendous sushi chef according to his bio. A detail in keeping with season two's Mega theme, the focal point of which is the neo-Tokyo-inspired POI, Mega City.

On top of all that, Thunder is also an adept street warrior, so he can protect us, and a member of Fortnite's Peace Syndicate, so probably a pretty nice guy too. Needless to say, some of you want to do unspeakable things to Fortnite's new anthropomorphic lizard. One of you has even pointed out Thunder sounds a lot like Billy Butcher from The Boys which has only made matters worse in the peculiar feelings department.

Thunder and the love he has received upon arrival might well explain why The Ageless is nowhere to be found all of a sudden. A big part of season one, the domineering character has disappeared without explanation this season. Players have joked The Ageless has scurried away out of shame due to how insignificant Mega City has made his Citadel look.

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