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Fortnite Fans Are Making Fun Of The Ageless' Disappearance In The New Season




When a new season begins in Fortnite, the focus automatically and understandably goes to what's new. However, a new season also means departures, one of which takes the form of a character quietly disappearing to kick off season two. All of a sudden The Ageless is nowhere to be seen on the island, and many of you have been poking fun at their disappearance and the character being massively upstaged by the arrival of Mega City.

Mega City, a new POI introduced for season two, is pretty special. Giving off a serious neo-Tokyo vibe, the new location is a lot more advanced than any other we have seen in Fortnite so far. That's where the fun being poked at The Ageless stems from. The dominant character introduced last season could be found at Fortnite's Citadel, a pretty incredible POI in its own right.

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However, the arrival of Mega City has kind of taken away from that. The Citadel looks like a spare room above the garage when compared to the new POI. Mega City's arrival has, in turn, brought about the departure of The Ageless, and after the area he ruled over has been seriously upstaged by season two's new arrival, many of you think he has left out of shame.

Future is now old man from FortNiteBR

While some of you are joking that The Ageless has disappeared to make futuristic improvements to his Citadel, others have suggested Fortnite's new lizard character is the real reason why he has disappeared. The Ageless's outfits were praised as some of the best in recent Fortnite History when they dropped last season. However, there's no doubting Thunder, the new lizard guy, looks really, really good.

Not only is Mega City pretty spectacular, but it's also tougher than other POIs. Many of you are pretty peeved you can't go to town on it with the Cow Catcher. It's a good job many of you appear to love the new Thunder character too, as season two's battle pass is the first for 11 seasons that doesn't include a crossover character of some description.

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