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Fortnite Fan Recreates Resident Evil 2's Police Station In Creative




With the recent release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, it feels like everywhere you turn you find Leon Kennedy and his immaculate fringe staring back at you. Resident Evil fever has once again swept the globe, and some people are choosing to use their creative talents to showcase their love for the series. For example, take this Fortnite fan who has managed to recreate a lot of Resident Evil 2's police station entirely with the Game's creative mode.

First shared to the Resident Evil subreddit, u/SympathyComplete9641 has uploaded a short video displaying their creation, giving us a tour of the police station as well as a couple of memorable locations. To start, the player heads around the reception area, giving us a better idea of the layout and pointing out the massive statue towards the back that any fan of Resident Evil 2 fan will recognise.

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The player then takes us into a few side rooms, which includes the dark office with the "Welcome Leon" banner hanging from the ceiling, as well as some spooky dark corridors. To cap things off, the player is running around with the recently released Leon Kennedy skin equipped, really giving the entire recreation that extra sprinkling of authenticity.

What makes the entire creation even more impressive is that this was done before the Fortnite Creative 2.0 update which launched yesterday. The creator admits that they probably won't continue and create the whole building since someone could do it better with the new tools Creative 2.0 has added, but it's still a very impressive recreation of one of Resident Evil's most iconic locations. Now, how long do you think it wil take before we get a Fortnite recreation of Resident Evil 4's village section? I give it a few weeks.

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