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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Teaser Confirms Grind Rails




Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 rolls out tomorrow and to commemorate, Epic Games has dropped a brand-new teaser trailer that shows off the new neo-Tokyo-themed city, confirming that grind rails are being added to the Game.

It opens with a series of shifting logos for the season's subtitle, Mega, before cutting to a shot of the new motorcycles. We then see several new skins, including a fish-man chef and a lizard adorned in gold rings and chains, before cutting to a shot of the city that features an elaborate network of grind rails that players can be seen zipping along in the final still.

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While players are grinding along the rails through the city, we can also see Eren Yeager from Attack on Titans using his ODM gear to leap alongside them - this could end up being a usable item akin to Dragon Ball Z's clouds and Spider-Man's web shooters, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Grind rails have been rumoured and leaked for a few days now, and they appear to work in a similar vein to those in Sunset Overdrive, in that you can hop on them at any point and get off them when you see fit, using them to get around the city fast. In the still, we see one character holding a pistol while on the grind rail, so it may even be that you can fight while riding them.

According to previous leaks, the grind rails will also give you a speed boost, though you'll have the option to slow down and even enter low gravity when you jump off.

Season 2 begins tomorrow, so it's not long at all before we can dive in and try them for ourselves.

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