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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Map Revealed




Epic has revealed the new map for Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2, and it's made some surprisingly significant changes compared to other seasons.

Today's the day, Fortnite fans - after what's felt like an incredibly long first season to Chapter 4, we're finally getting a load of new content, with the most exciting bit being the new map. Although big map changes are usually reserved for the start of a Chapter, some seasons do make significant changes to The Island in terms of their POIs (points of interest) and layout. Now that the map for the Mega season has been released, it's clear that quite a lot has been changed around for this season.

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The first image for Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2's map was shared by reliable Fortnite insider Hypex during the Game's downtime between seasons.. Although the shape of the Island hasn't changed, the points of interest that have been added are what makes this season seem so fresh.

The biggest new POI that's been introduced in this season is Mega City, the glowing city that's been the focus of the trailers for the new season. We can see from the map that Hypex shared that it's in the Southern part of the map, which is made clear by the new colour gradient applied to that part of the map. From what we've seen of Mega City, it's looking like the big place to be, basically looking like a neon Tilted.

Hypex also shared some shots of a few other POIs that have been added to the map, including a dojo area that looks similar to Lucky Landing. Epic hasn't officially revealed the name of these locations yet, but teasers for the new season suggest that it could be called Aldea or Kenjutsu Crossroads. Either way, it looks a lot quieter than Mega City.

Outside of POIs, this season of Fortnite has also added a few new ways to get around, again changing the map up pretty significantly. Beyond some new bike types, grind rails have been added to the map that let players live out their Ratchet & Clank dreams. We can't see from this shot of the map if grind rails are going to be all over the map, but we'd imagine they're not just relegated to Mega City.

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