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Forspoken Has Seemingly Been Found In A Landfill




It's pretty safe to assume that Forspoken is considered a flop over at Square Enix. Not only did it receive middling reviews upon launch, but it also gave itself a mountain to climb after several clips were ruthlessly mocked on social media over the quality of the Game's writing. Square Enix also wasted no time merging developer Luminous Productions into the wider company, giving off the impression that Forspoken was a failure all round.

If you thought that this was the lowest that Forspoken could sink, you thought wrong. It's safe to assume that demand for Forspoken wasn't very high when the Game released, but it's now been made evident by a clip on social media of someone discovering several Forspoken steelbooks in a landfill. The video in question was shared by Twitter user NikoMueller, although they admit they're not the original uploader.

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Five steelbooks in total can be seen in the video, but it's unknown as to how many more there could be. It's highly likely that these steelbooks don't actually contain the Game itself and were most likely pre-order bonuses that didn't sell, but it's still extremely damaging to find a Game's steelbook in a landfill not even two months after its initial launch. No matter which way you slice it, it's a bad look.

It's not uncommon for companies to toss unpopular products into landfills these days, as demonstrated by Funko not even a week ago. Due to a massive loss in profits caused by "macro factors and Funko-specific issues", over $30 million worth of Funko Pops were recently tossed into a landfill, much to the dismay of collector's everywhere. A bunch of sealed MTG cards worth over $250,000 from Secret Lairs and the 30th Anniversary Edition were also found in a Texas landfill not too long ago as well. Sounds like the perfect place to go if you're after free gaming merch.

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