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Former Navy officer reports seeing a triangular UFO emerge from the ocean



Una fotografía que muestra un supuesto OVNI que fue visto por el submarino USS Trepang. Crédito de la imagen: Ale Mistretta - La Bóveda Negra.
In 1991, a Navy combat photographer witnessed a massive triangular UFO emerge from the ocean, float through the air, and disappear into space, this documentary reveals. (The featured image is an example and not the actual UFO witnessed by USS Nimitz officers.)

Without a doubt, the most famous UFO videos we’ve seen are those that were “leaked” to the public in 2017. The videos, a total of three, show unidentified flying objects being pursued or followed by US Navy pilots. It can be said that these videos started, in a way, the path towards UFO disclosure that millions of people they have been waiting.

a refreshing change
The release of the videos changes many things in the UFO community. For one thing, UFOs are no longer considered a conspiracy. Second, people are no longer afraid to talk about themselves. But perhaps most importantly, governments, like the United States, are implementing regulations that protect people with sensitive information on the subject. This allows people with “top secret” information to get out and talk about what they know without fear of repercussions. The truth is out there, and the truth about UFOs deserves to be known. Having said that, here is a very interesting interview that I came across recently.

Kevin Thomas served on the USS Nimitz, the American warship that was allegedly linked to some of the most famous modern UFO sightings in History. Mr. Thomas recounts in an interview that many years before the famous incident of Navy pilots encountering UFOs off the US coast, he witnessed a huge triangular UFO emerge from the ocean, only to be shoot off into space moments later. But before we jump into the reports that Mr. Thomas revealed in an interview, let’s take a look at why the USS Nimitz is such a big deal.

The 2004 meeting
Two Navy pilots filmed video footage of a Tic-Tac UFO in 2004. The video encounter occurred when the pilots were in routine training off the Pacific coast of the United States. Eventually, and after much red tape, the Navy admitted that what the pilots had seen and recorded was an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or UAP. This is the modern acronym given to UFOs. This set off a chain of events. While the Navy and Pentagon gave limited responses when asked about the counters, the US government began asking more questions. Eventually, the issue became of great national interest. UFOs became a very important topic of study. Now even NASA is studying UFOs. The Pentagon has changed its name and is cautiously studying so-called transmedia UFOs.

And in light of a breakthrough in UFO research, more and more people are coming up with credible stories. In a recent QUEST TV video, we have another great example of the many cool things the world of UFOs has to offer. Not only are there more stories of regular people telling the world about their encounters, but ex-servicemen are doing the same.

In her Oct. 22 video titled USS Nimitz Witness she tells her story for the first time | Contact, the show discusses the connection between UFOs/UAPs and Earth’s oceans and lakes. Why are so many UFO sightings reported near bodies of water? Does that tell us anything? QUEST TV spoke with a former crew member of the USS Nimitz. And he remembers his underwater UFO sighting over a decade ago like it was yesterday.

USO and the USS Nimitz

Kevin Thomas served as a Navy combat photographer, and in 1991, while serving aboard the aircraft carrier, he witnessed something no one would easily forget. While on the stern of the USS Nimitz, he saw the surface of a huge ship very close to the carrier. But not only did the object appear according to the YouTube video, it also appeared. Finally, he flew into the air and then disappeared into space. What Mr. Thomas had witnessed was what ufologists like to refer to as an OSN, an unidentified submerged object. However, the object that Mr. Thomas saw was both an OSNI and a UFO, as the object emerged from the water, flew through the air, and then disappeared. But there is much more to the story than that.