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Former Lead BioWare Writer Says EA "Never Got" Dragon Age




Dragon Age has always had the numbers to rival its sci-fi sibling, Mass Effect, but it's long felt like it's not given the same respect by its publisher, EA. Since Inquisition dropped in 2014, Mass Effect has got a fourth Game and a remastered trilogy. Dragon Age, on the other hand, has got a couple of trailers, and about a billion cancelled projects for the long-awaited Dragon Age 4.

Now, it seems that fans aren't alone in feeling like Dragon Age gets the short end of the stick. Speaking on Twitter, former lead Dragon Age writer David Gaider says that he feels EA "never got" the series, and couldn't understand why it was so popular.


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This came as Gaider shared how much he would love to see a remake or remaster of Dragon Age: Origins, giving the old 2009 RPG some love. A fan replied to say that they felt like the project would be a no-brainer, and would "sell like hotcakes." Yet according to Gaider, this wouldn't be enough.

"I suspect EA would only do it if they thought it would sell like gold-plated hotcakes," says Gaider. "They've... never really gotten DA, or understood why it sold better than Mass Effect, was my impression."

Dragon Age Inquisition last supper table

Similarly, Gaider also doesn't understand why the Dragon Age series was made to be much more Mass Effect-y after Origins. "I guess people thought ME was more slick and modern and thus should have more commercial appeal? 'Common wisdom' is an insidious thing."

True enough, Dragon Age: Origins managed to outsell the first Mass Effect, despite that getting far more publicity. Similarly, Inquisition performed better than Mass Effect 2 and Andromeda, despite the former often being touted as one of BioWare's most popular Games.

With this in mind, it's strange that the series has been "punished" for so long despite hardly putting a foot wrong. Dragon Age 2, despite being seen as the weakest in the series, was still met with positive reviews and good sales. But after such a long hiatus, we'll have to wait and see if Dragon Age: Dreadwolf can maintain this winning streak.

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