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Five iPhone keyboard hacks you need to know




Apple iPhones are often praised for their simple and easy to use displays and features.

But if you’ve ever spent infuriating minutes trying to copy and paste text or move the cursor on an iPhone to the exactly right spot, there are a number of keyboard hacks you’ll be grateful to learn.

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TikTok user, Faisal, who runs the page @bdtech, shared the five vital hacks and the video went viral online.

A number of social media users commented it was the best advice they’d seen on TikTok.

“Phenomenal tips. I actually didn’t know these. Thank you,“ one person said.

“You changed my life,” another user commented.

So here are the hacks that will save you time.

TikTok user Faisal shared five iPhone keyboard hacks to improve people’s productivity. Credit: @bdtech/TikTok

Moving the cursor

If you didn’t already know, you can tap and hold the keyboard’s space bar to move the phone’s text cursor to the right location.

But there’s also another hack that you can use, that might be even easier and more accurate.

“The better way to do it, tap and hold (the screen) with two fingers and (then) move the cursor more precisely,” Faisal said.

Copy text

To copy text in an easier fashion, Faisal recommends double tapping the screen near the text to copy one word, and triple tapping the screen to select the whole sentence.


To save time typing a URL on the Safari app, there’s a tip that can help improve your productivity.

Tap and hold the full stop button on the phone’s keyboard and several URL extensions will appear.

You can select from options including .com, .org, .net or .edu.

The keyboard hacks include a tip to move and place the text cursor more accurately using two fingers. Credit: @bedtech/TikTok

Adding numbers

iPhone’s have a 123/ABC symbol at the bottom of the keyboard which, if pressed, will switch the keys between numbers and symbols, to alphabet mode.

Another way to switch between the different keyboards is to hold down the same button, Faisal said.

“Tap and hold the (123/ABC button) once you type the number (or word) and it will go back (to the previous keyboard)”