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Fishermen Baffled As They Reel In Three Sharks Bitten In Half By Mystery Sea Creature




Fisherman were left baffled after reeling in three sharks which had all been bitten in half by a mystery sea creature.

Jason Moyce astonished followers on his Facebook page Trapman Bermagui where he posts images of his fishing haul.

But all three catches were not quite what he expected and only the partial remains of the giant fish were left.

Mr Moyce from Bermaguai, Australia, thought he had caught two hammerhead sharks, but only the heads of the fish were attached to the hooks.

He shared a picture of the head of a second shark saying: “Plenty of smooth hammerhead sharks around. But getting a whole one to the boat is a challenge.”

The remnants of the catch

Jason Moyce with what was left of a hammerhead shark

Later on the expedition he also hooked the head of a copper shark or ‘bronzie’ but had to concede there was something else beneath the waves.

“Even the bronzies aren’t safe today,” he said.

“No more shark fishing for us. Too many big units around. Back to trapping.”

Mr Moyce told he had a certain number of smaller sharks he needed to catch, but the larger ones appeared to be out in force with few smaller creatures.

The ones he did net, however, were half eaten after being attacked by something.

He said he believed there were tiger sharks around but could not see them.

Mr Moyce had recalled several similar occasions where tiger sharks or great whites were responsible but was surprised by the condition of the sharks he was able to catch.

The remains of the catch

A poster from Western Australia said on the Facebook page, tiger sharks were usually responsible for “doing the damage” over there, picking on smaller sharks for an easy feed.

During the weekend, a teenager from Sydney caught a 2.8metre bull shark which weighed 130kg.

Addison Hodge, 15, took 45 minutes wrestling with the creature while fishing on Middle Harbour, Sydney.

Mr Moyce believes tiger sharks were responsible for what was left of his catch but he still said he couldn’t be certain.

He said he had also had other experiences where sharks followed his boat looking for an easy meal.