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First Trailer For Pokemon Horizons: The Series Revealed




The first official trailer for Pokemon Horizons: The Series has been released, finally giving us a look at what Liko and Roy's adventures are going to be all about.

Well, the day that every Pokemon fan has been dreading is finally upon us - Ash is no longer the protagonist of the Pokemon anime, and we're all feeling a little bit weepy about it. There's no better way of getting over 25 years of adventures than by looking forward to some brand-new ones, which seems to be The Pokemon Company's approach too as, mere minutes after Ash's final episode, it shared the first official trailer for the next series.

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The trailer was shared just moments ago on the official Pokemon Twitter account and, at nearly a minute long, is easily our best look yet at what the series is going to be about. We've known for some time that Pokemon Horizons: The Series was coming, and seen various small clips and artwork of characters, but it's all been pretty brief up until now.

The trailer begins by showing Liko being given a Mysterious pendant by an unseen person (get your bets in now), before starting her Pokemon journey with Sprigatito. Friede and Captain Pikachu are then shown, with Friede saying that their mission is to "unveil the mysteries of Pokemon around the world", which is presumably what the day-to-day plot of the anime is going to be.

Liko's pendant and its Mysterious powers also seem to be a key plot point here, as we see it cause a Rayquaza to Terastallize. Roy and his Fuecoco are also shown off a few times in the trailer, but the deuteragonist is surprisingly absent from most of the footage here. We'll hopefully see more of him when Pokemon Horizons: The Series begins proper.

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