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Final Fantasy Fans Think Quezacotl And Doom Train Should Return As Summons




Whether they are known as Aeons, Espers, Eikons, Guardian Forces, Astrals or Eidolons, Final Fantasy's summons have become one of the iconic aspects of the series. These awesome beings or creatures are summoned by players to aid in battle and are capable of supremely powerful attacks.

While summons did not appear in the original first two Final Fantasy titles, they were introduced in the third entry and quickly became one of the most recognisable parts of the series. Then, when the series leapt into 3D, it was arguably Final Fantasy 8 that went big on them, with each summon ⁠— known as Guardian Force (or GFs) in that particular title ⁠— getting dramatic and visually impressive animations.


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While devotees wait (im)patiently for the upcoming Final Fantasy 16, which promises some truly epic summons encounters, fans have been discussing which summons they'd like to see make a comeback in future Games. There have been a fair number of them over the years, with a core of them often returning, while others make sporadic appearances but nevertheless leave a lasting impression with their charismatic designs.

While core summons that make recurring appearances include the likes of Shiva, Ifrit, Odin, Leviathan, Chocobo, and Bahamut; there are others that haven't figured for some time. One of the most popular suggestions for a comeback in the above thread, posted on the Final Fantasy subreddit, was Quezacotl. The Guardian Force from Final Fantasy 8 is known for Thunder Storm, its Native American inspiration, and had many on the thread agreeing they'd like to see its return.

Another highly popular suggestion was Diabolos from the same Game, which could be summoned once players defeated it as an optional boss. It dealt fractional damage to opponents depending on their level. It subsequently appeared in later Games, the most recent of which was Final Fantasy 14 among the mainline entries. Lots of players had fond memories of this particular summon.

Final Fantasy 8 Doomtrain

Final Fantasy 8 summons seemed to be quite dominant on the list, perhaps testament to the quality and quantity of summons that could be found in that title, and Doomtrain was a vivid inclusion, with many on the thread calling for its return. First introduced as a Guardian Force, Doomtrain also called back to the Phantom Train boss in Final Fantasy 6. Inspired by folklore of ghost trains, Doomtrain was another memorable summon that players would like to see choo-chooing through a modern Game.

As for the seven summons pictured by the OP, could you name them all? They are, by their appearance order: Valefor, Yojimbo, Magus Sisters, Anima (all FF10), Famfrit, Shemhazai (both FF12), and Cait Sith (FF7). Personally, one would like to see the return of Cactuar. And maybe, just maybe, Square Enix might listen to these fan requests.

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