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Final Fantasy 7's Barrett Was Originally Going To Have A Crossbow For An Arm




The cast of characters introduced via Final Fantasy 7 remain some of the most famous in the series to date. Not just Cloud, but the others who aided him in his quest to take down Shinra. That group includes Barrett and his machine gun where an arm should be. However, the Game's creators have revealed all these years later that Barrett was originally going to have a different weapon where his right forearm presumably used to be.

Square Enix tweeted some images from the original version of Final Fantasy 7, sharing a couple of previously unknown facts about the iconic game. “Barrett had a character image from the beginning of FF7 planning, but at that time, the world view was still undecided, so he had a bowgun instead of a gun,” the tweet reads.


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Barrett's machine gun arm packs a hell of a punch. If you've played Final Fantasy 7, its remake, or both, it will be difficult to imagine what Barrett with a bowgun arm would have looked like. It certainly doesn't feel like it would have been nearly as effective as the gun he has in the final Game. You'll have to leave what a bowgun for an arm might have looked like to your imagination as Square hasn't revealed any images.

Perhaps the bowgun idea was thought up so early in development that images of Barrett with it don't exist. The devs also shared another fun fact that was cut from the final Game where the Avalanche members all promised to go to Cosmo Canyon together, presumably after their days fighting Shinra were firmly in the rearview mirror. Maybe that scene will be revived for Rebirth or the third Game in the remake trilogy.

Seeing Barrett, Cloud, and Tifa holidaying after three Games' worth of hard work would be pretty special. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches later this year and will be the second Game in what Square has now confirmed to be a trilogy. If you can't wait for the next chapter, Powerwash Simulator now has Final Fantasy 7 content which has been confirmed to be Midgar canon.

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