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Final Fantasy 16's Clive Could Apparently Beat Devil May Cry's Dante In A Fight




Final Fantasy 16's combat designer, Ryota Suzuki, thinks that the Game's protagonist, Clive Rosfield, could take on both Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry.

Ever since Final Fantasy 16 was first revealed, it's been compared to a number of different Games. Final Fantasy 14 is an obvious one since both have Naoki Yoshida in a lead role, but a more surprising comparison to hear has been Devil May Cry, something that the dev team has openly admitted to being the case.

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There's a very clear reason for the similarities - Final Fantasy 16's combat designer, Ryota Suzuki, previously worked on Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 5. With that in mind, you'd think that Suzuki would recognise Dante and Nero as the unstoppable devil-killing team that they are, but it seems that he has a bit of a recency bias for his newest work.

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During their recent hands-on time with Final Fantasy 16, Game Informer took the chance to ask Suzuki the question we've all been wondering - would Clive Rosfield be able to beat Devil May Cry's Dante in a fight? When asked, Suzuki slyly smiled and simply answered "Clive", an answer he repeated when asked who would win out of Nero and Clive.

Suzuki claims that Clive's Eikonic powers, which essentially give him the power of Final Fantasy's summons, give him an edge over Dante and Nero, even if that sounds suspiciously similar to the pair's Devil Trigger abilities to a Devil May Cry fan like myself.

Not only does Suzuki believe that Clive could beat both Dante and Nero, but the Game's producer, Naoki Yosida, also thinks that Final Fantasy 16 is going to be a tougher challenge than anything that Devil May Cry has to offer which, as someone who has attempted Dante Must Die, is a bold claim. In Ars Technica's preview of the Game, Yoshida reportedly said, "To maintain an S rank throughout the Ultimania mode, we believe, it’s more difficult than doing the same in Dante Must Die".

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