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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Almost Kills The Dog When Trying To Pet It




Tears of the Kingdom might be stealing the bulk of the headlines today due to its ten minutes of Gameplay reveal, but it's not the only massive follow-up Game in a long-running series launching this summer. A little more than a month after its arrival, Final Fantasy 16 will be here. To keep building momentum for its launch, a presentation built around your ability to Pet Torgal the dog went down at PAX East, except when Naoki Yoshida tried to demonstrate the presentation's title is accurate, he almost sliced poor Torgal in half.

Square Enix's Torgal Petting presentation ran for more than an hour, so it naturally featured a little more about the Game than confirmation you can Pet the dog. However, as reported by Kotaku, while members of the team behind Final Fantasy 16 spoke to attendees about it, Yoshida hit the wrong button on his DualSense, leading Clive to swing his flaming sword at his furry companion as the crowd gasped in horror.


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They really did too, even though not only did the sword miss Torgal, but Yoshida confirmed after the mishap that Clive cannot hurt his four-legged friend. In fairness to those watching on, they weren't to know that. I would have gasped too. Final Fantasy 16's localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox jokingly slapped Yoshida on the arm for almost hurting Torgal as the producer apologized to the shocked onlookers.

Turns out not only can you Pet Torgal (and not hurt him with Clive's sword), but you can also feed him treats. He has a good life. The pup has been the star of a lot of footage from the Game shown off so far, suggesting he will be by Clive's side for the bulk of his journey. A journey that will take 35 hours to complete, although there will be twice as much time to kill for those of you who want to do absolutely everything.

The reactions to what has been shown of the game so far have been somewhat mixed. While there's no doubting Final Fantasy 16 looks fantastic, a short clip shown off last week has some of you wondering why a game this advanced seemingly needs to use squeeze gap loading.

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