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Final Fantasy 16 Has Gone Gold Ahead Of June 22 Launch




Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold which means the Game is ready to go almost three months ahead of its release date. Surprising for any triple-A title, let alone a Final Fantasy one, but also expected as the studio has claimed the Game was almost done for a long time.

“Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold. From the entire team, including Torgal, we hope you're looking forward to #FF16's launch on June 22nd,” Square confirmed today on Twitter. The announcement comes just three days after a Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay video that confirmed development of the next Legend of Zelda Game is also finished and ready for launch on May 12.

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That technically means both could launch tomorrow, although I imagine both Square and Nintendo will be sticking to the dates they currently have booked into their diaries. Just because the Games are finished doesn't mean they'll now be locked away until launch day. Devs will continue to polish Final Fantasy 16 right up until June 22, and probably after that as there will undoubtedly be bugs and problems that arise once players get their hands on it.

Final Fantasy 16 has been in development for a long time, but as noted above, Square has been pretty open about almost being done for the better part of a year. In April 2022, the studio confirmed the Game was in the final stages of development. It then followed up on those comments in November, revealing the Game to be 95 percent complete right before it finally confirmed a release date.

Although the anticipation for Final Fantasy 16 is high, its potential players remain a little worried about certain elements of the Game. Its PS5 exclusivity, for example, as Square has claimed the console is the only system capable of handling the next chapter in the series. That prompted some of you to question why a recent look at some Gameplay appeared to feature gap squeeze loading, a feature a PS5-only Game arguably shouldn't need to lean on.

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