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Final Fantasy 16 Ditches Difficulty Settings For "Story Focused" And "Action Focused"




Final Fantasy 16 is just a few short months away, but we’re already getting a good idea of what to expect. Combat and Gameplay will feel fast and fluid, with a diverse array of characters and abilities to make your journey through Valisthea unique. It'll also be a little different from other Games out there, as Final Fantasy 16 won't have the usual difficulty options for players to choose from before starting their journey.

As explained over on PlayStation Blog, Final Fantasy 16 will have just two options to start: story-focused and action-focused. "Behind these two options, there’s in fact a singular experience, with enemies just as ferocious in the story-focused mode as they are in the action-focused one," the article explained, "with the single difference that picking story-focus grants players access to a particular set of accessories from the very start of their playthrough."


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Those accessories all offer benefits that will allow you to customize your experience. One accessory slows time, making perfect dodges easier. Another fully automates Torgal the wolf, allowing him to sic, ravage, or automatically heal Clive whenever he's hurt. Of course, a third accessory will automatically use healing potions when your Health is low, so whichever you use will depend on how you want to approach survivability.

Another accessory will automatically dodge incoming attacks, but the fifth and final accessory is probably the most interesting. This accessory, which I have dubbed the "button-masher accessory," lets you unleash powerful combos and abilities simply by mashing a single button.

For those seeking an extra challenge, there's a third and final difficulty option, but it only unlocks after beating the Game. Called "Final Fantasy," this new Game plus mode will increase the difficulty of enemies, change their placement, and even totally mix up the battles to feel fresh and exciting.

Final Fantasy 16 arrives on June 22 only on the PlayStation 5.

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