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Final Fantasy 14 Fans Aren't Happy With "Grueling" Lottery For Fan Fest Tickets




Final Fantasy 14's Fan Festival returns this year after taking a few years off thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Conventions will be held in Las Vegas in July, London in October, and Tokyo in early 2024. Game director Naoki Yoshida has promised something "substantial" at this year's events, which has likely spiked interest in Fan Fest after years of being stuck at home.

Unfortunately, getting to Fan Fest might be a problem for many Final Fantasy 14 players. In order to keep up with demand, Square Enix instituted a lottery system for people looking to attend the Las Vegas event. Interested players had to fill out an application between February 17 and February 25, and then players would receive an access code that gets them to the ticket purchase site. Not everyone received an access code, however, with players selected by random lottery.

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Access codes were sent out earlier this morning, but it seems like very few people actually got selected. Twitch streamer Audrey ran a poll on Twitter and found that just 15 percent of respondents received access codes. Audrey herself didn't get to apply because she was Traveling State-side at the time.

"Yeah you're not missing much so far," replied one Twitter user. "This ended up being a much more grueling lottery. (I got a ticket but a bunch of people from my FC did NOT; only 4 out of 151 confirmed so far). We're seeing this in other FFXIV communities too..."

Indeed, the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit is full of somber faces at the moment. But not all hope is lost! We know there are 15,000 tickets available for Fan Fest Vegas, and all unsold tickets will go up for grabs on March 15.

Yoshida has promised to "kick it up a notch" for Final Fantasy 14's tenth anniversary, which will come in between the Vegas and London Fan Festivals. Whatever that means is still open to interpretation, but we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any big announcements.

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