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Final Fantasy 11 Is Scaling Back Support After 20 Years




Final Fantasy 14 might be the MMO that fans of the series are obsessed with nowadays, but that doesn't mean that Final Fantasy 11 has been abandoned all this time. The title still has a dedicated team of developers working on new updates for those still playing, but the Game's new producer Yoji Fujito has decided that it might be best for some of those developers to move on to things bigger and better.

In a statement announcing his replacement of previous Final Fantasy 11 producer Akihiko Matsui (thanks Rock Paper Shotgun), Fujito reveals that Square Enix will be downscaling the scope of the Game's development team, pretty much suggesting that the Game will receive far less support going forward. He explains that he's doing this so developers who have solely worked with Final Fantasy 11's rather outdated Technology to "gain experience in other development environments" before bringing that knowledge back.


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While the might sound concerning to some, Fujito has attempted to reassure us about the leadership change and downscale by letting us know that the development and operations teams will continue to function as normal and that these changes won't stop anyone from enjoying Final Fantasy 11 as they have been doing since launch.

Final Fantasy 11

Of course, it's worth noting that this doesn't necessarily mean that Final Fantasy 11 is in trouble. Fujito's comments suggest that these developers leaving the team working on the title will be back at some point, and he also recently claimed while he was the game's director that the title wouldn't be shutting down any time soon. For those that still play Final Fantasy 11, that's pretty great news, but it doesn't look like we'll see as many updates from here on out.

In other Final Fantasy news, a recent clip of Final Fantasy 16 has fans arguing over gap squeeze loading once again. It's a technique you'll likely have experienced at some point, as a Game disguises loading screens by making you squeeze slowly through a narrow gap. It's apparently quite an unpopular technique, and some fans are worried this mean the title would be as technically impressive as it's being made out to be.

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