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Fans Think Steve Blum Is Playing Insomniac's Wolverine




Marvel fans think that Steve Blum might be playing Insomniac Games' take on the character because of a resurfaced video where the actor talks about a role in a Game that he's signed an NDA for.

When you think of Wolverine, you're likely going to picture two people - Hugh Jackman or Steve Blum. Although Jackman is the quintessential live-action Wolverine, Steve Blum has portrayed the character in games and animations for years, appearing in countless projects including Marvel's Midnight Suns, X-Men Legends, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, and many more.

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Marvel fans think that Blum could be adding an even bigger project to his Wolverine repertoire - Insomniac Games' Wolverine. Revealed during the PlayStation 5 showcase back in 2021, details on the Wolverine Game are currently very thin on the ground, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating over who could be playing the lead role, and many of them now think that it's Blum.

This is thanks to a recent TikTok from jack_whiteman7, which highlights a video that Blum shared on his Instagram page a few months ago. In the video, Blum is seen wearing facial capture equipment, which he says is for a game that he can't talk about right now as he's signed an NDA. Considering Blum has played Wolverine in so many projects in the past, and the game is big enough to have full motion capture, this has led to some fans thinking that he's been cast for Wolverine.

Blum notes that the video is a "throwback", so it's not clear exactly when he filmed it. We simply don't know enough about what state Wolverine is currently in to be able to assume too much, but it would make sense considering his experience with the character and his iconically deep voice.

As exciting as it would be to see Blum return to voice Wolverine for his biggest game yet, it's worth noting that it's not the only possible project that he's teasing here. Not only is Blum in quite a lot of games as it is, but he's also the voice of Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat, which was recently confirmed to be getting a twelfth entry last month. Considering Wolverine's early development stage, it's just as likely that he was recording and acting for Mortal Kombat 12. We'll have to wait and see which when we get to see both projects in the future.

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