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Fans Are Trying To Figure Out What The F In Silent Hill F Stands For




Silent Hill f's director is asking fans what they think the "F" in the title stands for, with some of the best guesses so far including "flower", "five", "forte", and "feel".

It's been some time since Konami revealed the future of the Silent Hill series, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 and some more experimental projects. The most interesting of all the announcements was Silent Hill f, a new mainline entry that had a pretty Mysterious trailer involving flowers, faces peeling off, and lots of dread.

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As great as the initial teaser was, it was also pretty Mysterious and left a lot to the imagination as to what Silent Hill f even actually is. The biggest mystery of them all is what the "f" in Silent Hill f actually stands for, as there are so many different possibilities shown in the trailer that it's not easy to pin it down right now.


Silent Hill f's director, Al Yang, clearly knows how much the community has been speculating about the title, since he's just tweeted about it to ask what fans think the name is. Yang said, "Curious what everyone thinks the F in SILENT HILL F stands for... (also I have a running bet at work at what the fans think it is)".

This led to a bunch of comments from Silent Hill fans showing their theories as to what the f stands for. The most simple suggestion is that the f simply means "five", as the last main numbered Game in the series was Silent Hill 4: The Room, leaving the fifth space open. Another simple suggestion is "flower", which is a motif that's shown throughout the trailer and seems to link back to "Project Sakura", another Silent Hill project in development.

Another interesting theory is that the f stands for "forte", the musical note. The f is shown to be lowercase and italicised, which is exactly how it's presented as a music note. The announcement trailer for Silent Hill f has some very loud piano music throughout, which suggests that music might play a key role.

For now, we simply have no way of confirming what the title means until Konami decides to reveal it, but it's good to see that there are already a ton of viable theories as to what it's going to be. Let's hope it does end up being Silent Hill forte, though, that's an awesome name.

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