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Fans are loving BLACKPINK LISA’s unique and interesting pants




BLACKPINK’s Lisa is always dressed in the most unique and showy pairs of pants.

Lisa is dubbed as a living doll thanks to her gorgeous visuals, and even though she looks beautiful no matter what she wears, fans are still sometimes shocked by her outfits that are so unique. She has a collection of very interesting-looking pants.

During BLACKPINK’s world tour, the 4 superstars have shown spectacular performances, but additionally, they have provided fans with an eye-catching fashion party at each tour stop.

Lisa particularly stands out with her unique outfits, especially her pants, as instead of wearing normal pants, Lisa likes jeans with unusual designs. However, no matter how weird they look, these types of jeans still fit Lisa well. Paired with a corset made of the same material, Lisa showed off her waist and long legs.

At BLACKPINK’s second show in Los Angeles, Lisa’s pants were even more unique. The leg of her pants was cut in a fairly long line and attached with countless flat pins, enchanting netizens who couldn’t help but express their love for social media.