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Fallout: New Vegas Mod Adds Oblivion's Vampire Trait




If you have ever been playing Fallout: New Vegas and thought that the only thing this Game is missing is vampirism, then do I have some good news for you. A new mod is adding an Oblivion-esque vampire system into New Vegas, so now you can add vampires to the list of things that want to kill you in the Game.

The “Wasteland Vampirism” mod comes from user seldalore over on Nexus Mods. Simply put, it adds the Wasteland Vampirism trait to New Vegas, as well as a playable vampire race. This means that humans and Animals will have a “fresh blood” item in their inventory once killed. Those infected with vampirism need that fresh blood to stop from going feral.


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Just as with the vampire feature in Oblivion, it comes with some big pros and cons. Those brave enough to take on the role of vampire will get some pretty awesome upgrades. They include the ability to breathe in water, an immunity to being poisoned, higher jump heights, better aerial maneuvering, and no fall damage. The mod also gives players some improvements in enemy detection, Health, and damage.

Vampire Mod New Vegas

Of course, it’s not all great being a member of the bloodsucking undead. The biggest drawback might be the whole sunlight thing. Being in the sun as a vampire can kill you, however, there is a chart that outlines how much sun you can withstand in specific types of weather. Vampires in New Vegas also get a lot more flammable with -100 to their fire resistance. So, avoid those open-flame candles.

Plus, the longer you go without that fresh blood, the more bloodstarved you can become. This status effect lowers your resistance to the sun significantly while also knocking down your charisma and damage resistance. So, while there are some things to consider before pledging yourself to the dark and fangy, playing as a vampire in a Fallout Game may be too enticing to ignore.

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