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Fallout: London Provides Update On "Legally Distinct" James Bond Reference




We're barreling towards the release of Fallout: London, the ambitious DLC-sized mod that'll bring the British capital to Fallout 4. As inch nearer to the mod's 2023 release, the Fallout: London team has returned with an update video showcasing some new weapons, a new ride, and an update Mysterious Stranger who fights for king and country long after that country was erased by nuclear war.

First up, we got to see two new guns coming in Fallout: London. The first is the Viper Mk.1, a bullpup-style rifle based on the Sten gun from World War 2. The Viper is different from the Sten in that it was designed to be held with one hand and fired from the hip. As such, it has no iron sights, although there is another variant of the Viper that comes with a standard set of sights to aim down.

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The second weapon is the Laser Lewis gun, an atom-punk take on the famous World War 1 machine gun. This weapon does come with sights and also several firing modes that will allow you to fire lasers or plasma rounds.

Several assets have been updated for Fallout: London, including custom billboards, British-style mailboxes and lamp posts, and new UI elements such as the timer from Fallout 1. But perhaps the most interesting update is to the Mysterious Stranger, who now takes on a distinctly British tone.

"The Mysterious stranger has been an iconic element of the Fallout franchise for as long as we can remember. However the current iteration just didn't quite hit the mark for us," explained Jeff from the Fallout: London media team. He then revealed the Mysterious Stranger's new riff for Fallout: London, which he referred to as a "Bond-style theme mixed with some legally distinct goodness."

We still don't know when exactly Fallout: London will arrive, but we know the date is getting close. The team confirmed that all NPCs and quests are now in place, making it difficult to show the mod without spoilers. We did get a brief montage showcasing the ruins of London and a promise for a larger trailer sometime later this year.

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