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Fallout 2D Reimagines Classic RPG As A Shooter




The classic Fallout Games are an acquired taste - as in, if you don't like them, you should acquire some taste. Ha. But seriously, despite how much modern audiences might struggle with their old isometric RPG design, these classics have retained a strong following - and even a dedicated modding scene.

Now, the latest fan creation to turn some heads comes in the form of Fallout 2D - a remake that changes the Game's genre entirely. As shared over on Reddit, a fan is reimagining the classic Fallouts as a 2D shooter, giving you a new way to blast through the Chosen One's story.

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In the latest clip shared from the project, Reddit user MaxRocker shares a reimagined version of the Vault 15 quest in Fallout 2. This time, instead of using the Game's turn-based combat to get through enemies, the Chosen One guns them down in real-time.

In a previous clip, we can see the player running through a cave, taking out Radroaches. The models, textures and animations have all been adapted for this new perspective, and it works seamlessly.

There are longer Gameplay previews over on the creator's YouTube channel, albeit in Russian. From this, we can see that Fallout 2D even has platforming elements, perhaps similar to Metroidvania titles. We can also see that the Game has the same loot as the original RPG, and lets you investigate points of interest in the vault. And of course, the ridiculously atmospheric soundtrack is still intact - there's no need to update that at all.

It's not clear when this fan Game will be available to the public, but hopefully, we'll get our hands on it at some point. I mean, it's not like Bethesda is doing anything with classic Fallout anyway, so fingers crossed, it doesn't attract the ire of copyright holders. Especially since it seems the Game is a passion project, with the creator seemingly not profiting from its release.

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