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Exoprimal Is Launching July 14




Today's Capcom presentation has given Exoprimal a release date. The mecha-filled third-person dino horde shooter will arrive on July 14 for PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC.

Sources speaking to Insider Gaming first hinted at Exoprimal's release earlier today, but now we have it straight from Capcom's mouth. The Game is set in an alternate near future where an out-of-control AI has trapped a team of Exofighters and forces them to fight against wave upon wave of dinosaurs. Only the dinosaurs are on fire and the Exofighters are wearing high-tech mecha suits with impressive sci-fi powers.

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Each of the Exofighter suits provides the player with different abilities that let them slot into distinct roles. The big yellow Exosuit, called Roadblock, can unleash an energy shield to keep hordes of dinos from overrunning your position. Then there's the sniper-like Deadeye class that will provide high damage to singular problematic dinosaurs, while the Zephyr focuses on clearing dinos en-masse with flowing sword strikes.

We got to see a preview of Exoprimal last summer where the only Game mode available pit two teams of five against one another in a race to see who could kill as many dinos as possible. We didn't get to see any additional Game modes in today's presentation, but we did get to see more of Exoprimal's story, which will not only involve a runaway AI that can summon dinosaur tornadoes, but also a groundhog day scenario as well as time Travel and alternate dimensions. We also got to see two new Exosuits, with one of them being equipped with roller skates for extreme mobility.

And although it is Capcom and there are certainly dinosaurs, Exoprimal is not the spiritual sequel to Dino Crisis. Producer Ichiro Kiyokawa confirmed as much in an interview with IGN, although we also know that a former Dino Crisis producer is involved in Exoprimal's development.

Exoprimal arrives July 14 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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