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Everyone Wants To Buy These Unobtainable Mario Shoes




The invented marketing date of Mario Day has been and gone (MAR10), occurring as it did on Friday, and Nintendo marked the occasion with the expected sales and discounts for Mario Games. But it also unveiled something special as it drums up hype for the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

These are a real-life pair of Mario boots, and not just any old recreation. The pair have been lovingly designed and made with top-notch craftsmanship any cobbler would appreciate. A collaboration between Nintendo, Illumination, and famed boot makers Red Wing Shoes, the boots have been stitched into life using "durable leather, slip-resistant treads, and mushroom-based mycelium heel pads". While only one pair of these boots have been made, the Internet has gone wild for the Mario shoes.


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Mario is perhaps gaming's most famous mascot, sporting an iconic look with his blue overalls, red shirt and cap, and brown boots. Now those boots exist in the real world. First teased by Shigeru Miyamoto during the Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct, the boots are a one-of-a-kind prototype and are on display at Nintendo's New York store.

There is also a behind-the-scenes look at how these Mario boots were made. 'The Making of Mario's Boots' shows how Red Wing Shoes meticulously designed and crafted the shoes to resemble the movie versions as closely as possible, while also showcasing the skills and craftsmanship of the shoe maker. It's quite an impressive watch and oddly moving.

Meanwhile, many people have expressed their interest in owning a pair of these shoes. "I would definitely buy those boots!" tweeted one, echoing the sentiments of many commentors. It calls to mind another special and rare pair of kicks: Puma's Sonic the Hedgehog shoes.

A collab between Shoe Surgeon and Puma — the red, white, and gold sneakers are much coveted among Gamers and sneakerheads. Featuring an impressive and bold design, the Shoe Surgeon x Puma Sonic sneakers are also incredibly rare as only five pairs exist.

While the Mario x Red Wing boots might be even rarer, unfortunately they are not for sale despite the desires of many. But you never know, perhaps its design could be popular enough for those responsible to think twice. The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases in theatres April 5.

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