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Everyone Is Thirsting After Fortnite's New Hot Anime Boy




Everyone pretend to be surprised - Fortnite players are once again thirsting after a new character, with this week's centre of attention being Rift Knight Kieran.

Although Fortnite is best known for its endless number of crossovers with the likes of Star Wars, Marvel, and more, its character skins are known for something else - being hot. Whether it's Meowscles, Midas, Orin, or Hopper from Stranger Things, it seems like Epic adds at least one skin every week that has Fortnite players thirsty.

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Well, Epic has only gone and done it again with this month's Fortnite Crew skin, Rift Knight Kieran. As you can see from the glorious header image, Rift Knight Kieran is yet another anime skin which is yet again causing Fortnite players to thirst after him. That might just seem like Business as usual considering all of the examples I mentioned off of the top of my head above, but Kieran is a little bit different.


Beyond just generally looking quite hot, there's a reason why Rift Knight Kieran stands out from the crowd. While most Fortnite characters just stand around until you make them do the Griddy, Kieran has some unique static animations that really show off his, uh, personality. As shared by Twitter user Mlickles, when left idle, Kieran will look at the camera, blow a kiss, smile, look at the ground, raise his eyebrow, and oh god do you think he likes me back?

Mlickles isn't the only one thirsting after Rift Knight Kieran. Even after only being revealed last week, Kieran's already got a bit of a fan-art following and seems popular among players. My favourite response to him so far has to go to Twitter user TheRagingReaper, who said, "Is Kieran trying to rizz me up?? Rift Knight more like Rizz Knight". Excellent stuff.

Kieran comes from the same theme as last month's Fortnite Crew skin, Sylvie, who is also presented with an anime aesthetic. Interestingly, however, Kieran is the only one out of the two with such detailed idle animations, as Sylvie will just stand around and occasionally give a little smile. It certainly doesn't compare to Kieran's flirty eyes.

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