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Every single thing we know about how Shakira stays in shape




When it comes to celebrities who motivate us to hit the gym or lace up our trainers for a run, Shakira is right up there – her incredibly energetic performances, insane core strength (also, have you seen her belly dancing moves?) and to be frank, abs of steel, are quite something. At 44-years-old, she looks as strong as ever and we want to know how.

So, we were super intrigued to learn about all the different ways that Shakira keeps her body fuelled, her fitness levels up and about the type of workouts she favours. Spoiler: dancing isn’t the only thing the songstress does to work up a sweat (excellent news for those of us who sadly don’t have the same innate rhythm that she does).

Of course, while there should never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to health – every one of us is unique (and that’s to be celebrated!) – it can still be interesting to learn more about how other people, celebrities included, approach their diet and exercise.

Meaning, it’s best to take this round-up as nothing more than a little nosey into a star’s Lifestyle that you can cherry pick bits from, should it takes your fancy (it is not – we repeat not – a manual telling you how to, or that you should, have a body like Shakira’s).

With that in mind, and while in search of inspiration, we set out to uncover as much as we could about how Shakira navigates all things health-related…

1) Set a schedule
Anna Kaiser, who has been Shakira’s go-to trainer for years, told E! News that the singer works out five days a week

2) Get your heart rate up
All of Shakira’s workout goals revolve around her heart rate monitor. It ‘keeps her the most focused,’ Kaiser told E! News

3) Strengthen your core
This is important for Shakira, Kaiser told Us Weekly. ‘We focused on leaning out, strengthening her core, and boosting her booty—and then toning her arms like crazy,’ she said.

4) Go big on intervals
‘We alternate between strength and cardio intervals,’ Kaiser told E! News. ‘Some days we do just cardio and then strength and some days we start with strength and then do cardio, we like to mix it up.’

5) Set goals for yourself
Shakira is huge on having goals for herself, Kaiser told E! News, and she’s always working toward something.