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Events Occur When a Pilot Fails to Land on US Aircraft Carriers




Excellent with all the measures taken to make it extraordinarily clear and informative. For them, Business is Business. The leap forward in Science and Technology and its application in defense is astounding. Those aircraft carrier pilots are very well trained, BEFORE they are assigned to a carrier.

They have practiced the short landing on the ground, they know hot to “bolter” of they miss one of the grab-cables, so very rarely is there a bad landing.  Of course if the aircraft has been in combat and has damage, they handle that too, the best way they know how.  It isn’t often that an aircraft landing goes off the deck, they prepare for that also, but should their damaged aircraft miss the cables and can’t bolter, there is a net that can be quickly spread across the opposite end of the carrier to catch them, because it’s always possible that an aircraft took damaging enemy fire and has any number of problems getting that bird safely on the deck!  But they are very good at what they do on that carrier.

Now, I’ll watch the above video and watch these comPetent officers work!