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‘Eras’ Tour Could Net Taylor Swift $500 Million To $1.5 Billion




How much money is Taylor Swift making on her “Eras” tour? Will her latest haul make her a billionaire?

Experts told me in December that her 52-date concert tour could gross $620 million — of which she could keep about $500 million. This week those experts stuck with their estimates — but suggested that she could net even more.

Since that $500 million estimate ᴀssumes an average ticket price of $215, her take could be as much as $1.5 billion if the average ticket price is $700 as one expert told me.

If you add in possible international dates, her total take could be even higher.

Estimating ‘Eras’ Tour Ticket Revenue
Taylor Swift is a powerful artist who is tapping into a moment that favors in-person concert-going.

As David Herlihy, a Northeastern University teaching professor and music industry program coordinator, told me last December, “She surpᴀsses all other recording artists in her ability to connect with her fans and write great songs that make people cry. She is beautiful and telegenic. Swifties — who have not attended her concerts since before the pandemic — are craving the in-person concert experience with her.”

The “Eras” tour could enable Swift to tap into that moment to the tune of $500 million by this August when the tour ends up in Glendale, California. That estimate subtracts expenses from the tour’s ticketing and merchandise revenue.