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Epic Doesn't Want You Making Old Fortnite Islands In Creative 2.0




Fortnite launched its Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN) this week. Tools that allow players to make incredible new creations in-Game. One of the first ideas players had was to create prior Fortnite islands lost to time, but Epic has made it clear it doesn't want you doing that.

Highlighted by Shiina, Epic issued a statement explaining its new creative tools cannot be used to recreate old versions of the Fortnite map. Epic makes it clear players are not allowed to use the intellectual property of others when using UEFN. Already a stumbling block for a lot of you who have used the tools to make things like Grove Street in Fortnite.

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Epic explains all of the islands to have come before the current iteration fall under its other IPs definition. “All the seasonal variations of Fortnite’s Battle Royale maps and islands are Epic’s intellectual property,” the statement reads. There is a silver lining, though. For some reason, Epic is willing to make an exception for maps from Chapter 1.

Good news for Atlas Creative which put a lot of work into recreating the OG Fortnite island, flaunting it this week following the rollout of UEFN. “We are granting a special and specific exception to allow creators to publish their own remakes of the Chapter 1 maps (and only the Chapter 1 maps),” Epic confirms. The bad news is Atlas's creation, and any other Chapter 1 maps you might make, will be allowed to exist but cannot be monetized.

It's unclear why Epic is (sort of) okay with Chapter 1 maps being recreated but everything that came after that is off-limits. A body blow for quite a few of you who appeared to be hanging your hopes on someone recreating how the island looked during the early seasons of Chapter 2. In Fortnite news unrelated to UEFN, Epic appears to be testing a standalone version of the Game for zero-build fans.

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