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Enormous Unidentified Space Wheel Was Seen Passing Through Our Solar System (Video)




NASA themselves recorded what appears to be a massive unidentified space wheel as it passed through our solar system at incredible speeds. This may seem like a joke but we can assure you that it’s real and that it’s something that you need to look into as it could potentially prove lethal for us as a species if we choose to ignore it all.

he recording itself was made by a NASA satellite and as you can tell from the following pictures this object is definitely not just an asteroid, to say the least as it is too complex for that.

It is massive even though it may not look at it. For comparison’s sake, just imagine the fact that this object is even larger than our planet. Its shape is what really turned everyone’s heads around though, as no one can explain why this object, in particular, is shaped like a giant space wheel.

It passed by the Sun really fast which is probably for the better, since if it were to pass by the Sun at any slower speeds it could most likely damage its surface quite a lot as the pressure alone could even pull it away from its trajectory essentially killing us all in the process. NASA’s satellite captured the following video of it, although soon after NASA reported the fact that the satellite itself suffered a lot of malfunctions, to say the least.